Molasses Crinkle Cookies

2 Cup Flour 1/4 Tsp Cloves
1/2 Tsp Salt 1/2 Cup Light Molasses
2 Large Egg Whites 1 1/2 Tsp Ginger, Ground
3/4 Tsp Soda 3/4 Cup Plus 3 Tbls Sugar
2 Tbl Vegetable Oil  

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees, spray cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray. 2. Mix flour, spices, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl. Whisk 3/4 c of sugar, molasses, oil, and egg whites until blended. Stir in flour mixture. 3. Put in remaining 3 tbls of sugar in small bowl. Roll tbls of dough in 1 inch balls. Roll in sugar. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. 4. Bake 12 min until cracked on top and firm to touch. Remove to a wire rack to cool. Bake at 350 for 12 min. Makes 36 cookies.

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