Pecan Tassies

1 Pkg Cream Cheese 3 Oz 8 Tbl Oleo Or Butter, Softened
1 Cup All Purpose Flour 1/4 Cup Light Brown Sugar, Packed
1 Tsp Vanilla 1 Pinch Salt
1 Egg 1 Cup Pecans, Chopped

1... Preheat oven to 350 degrees.In a small bowl with mixer at high speed, beat cream cheese with 7 tablespoons of oleo or butter until creamy.Reduce speed to low,add flour until well mixed. 2.. With floured hands ,divide dough into 24 equal pieces(dough will be very soft) with floured hands gently press dough pieces onto bottoms and up sides of 24 1 3/4 by 3/4 ungreased miniature muffin-pan cups. 3..In a medium bowl , with a wire whisk or fork ,mix brown sugar ,vanilla,salt egg, and remaining 1 tablespoon oleo or butter until filling is blended. 4..Place half of pecans in pastry lined cups .Spoon filling by heaping teaspoons into each cup, sprinkle tops with remaining pecans. 5..Bake 30 minutes or until filling is set and edges of crust are golden. With the tip of knife. Gently loosen tassies from muffin pan cups and place on a wire rack to cool completely , store tassies in a tightly covered container for up to one week. Makes two dozen Tassies.

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