Sweet And Savory Meat Balls

1 Lb Hamburger 1/4 Cup Bread Crumbs
1/4 Cup Onion, Chopped 1 Egg, Slightly Beaten
1 Clove Garlic 1 Tbl Shortening
1 Can Mushroom Soup 1/2 Cup Tomatoes, Chopped
2 Tbl Vinegar 2 Tbl Brown Sugar
2 Tsp Soy Sauce 1 Dash Pepper
Rice, Cooked  

Mix beef, onion, egg and garlic. Shape into 16 meat balls. In skillet brown meat balls in shortening, pour off fat. Add remaining ingredients except rice. Cover. Cook over low heat 20 minutes or until done. Stir now and then. Serve with rice if desired.

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